Chummy Challenge™ Level 3-4

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Chummy Challenge is an advanced game and used in combination with only Level 3 and Level 4 games.

Cards Used: Challenge cards, Power cards.  Shuffle both decks of cards before the game begins and also shuffle the Power cards after one team has earned 5 points, and again after one team has earned 10 points.

Information about the Challenge Cards: Each Challenge card contains five questions and answers. Some questions require multiple answers for a correct answer. The questions are color coded and are referred to as the “red question”, “blue question”, etc.

Players: Two teams with 1, 2, or 3 players per team

Objective: A game of Chummy Challenge™ is a series of challenges. During each challenge, each team tries to answer a question from the other team’s Challenge card. If each team correctly answers the question it is asked, or neither team does so, that challenge ends in a tie.  If only one team correctly answers its question, that team wins that challenge, and it gets an opportunity to earn a bonus point, as described below.  Play a challenge at a time until one team wins the game.   

Determining who guesses first:  Before the game begins, each team picks a GeoPlunge card without looking at that card in advance. Whichever team’s card has a statehood ranking closer to 1 will be the first guessing team for the first challenge in this game.  Alternate the first guessing team for each challenge.

Level 3

For each challenge:

Step 1: Deal each team one Challenge card and one Power card.

Step 2: The teams look at their cards but do not show them to their opponent. Each Power card has either a red or blue square in the left center of the card, and that square identifies the color of the question that the team asks from the Challenge card it was dealt. For example, if a team is dealt a Power card with a red square, see example, that team will ask the red question from its Challenge card.

Step 3: The team asking the first Challenge question reads its question and its opponent has one guess to answer the question. The team asking the question then turns over its Power card and Challenge card to prove it asked the correct question. This process is then repeated with the teams switching roles.

Step 4:  If both teams correctly answer the question they were asked, or neither team does so, the challenge ends in a tie.  If, however, only one team correctly answers its challenge question, it wins that challenge, and the other team is then dealt another Challenge card and another Power card.  The winning team for that challenge then receives a second challenge question from the new Challenge card as determined by the color of the square on the new Power card dealt to the other team.  If the winning team for that challenge correctly answers the second challenge question, it receives a bonus point (i.e. a third point).

Determining Who Wins this Game: If a team wins a challenge it receives 2 points, except if it also earns the bonus point it receives 3 points for winning that challenge.  If a challenge ends in a tie, each team receives 1 point.  The first team to earn 15 points wins the game.  

Level 4

The structure for this game is the same as above with the following exception:

On the Power card, use the one or two colored circles in the right center of the card to identify the color of the question to ask. If a team is dealt a Power card in which there are two circles on the card, that  team decides which one of those two questions to ask. For example, if a team is dealt the Power card, see example,  it may ask either the blue or green question from its Challenge card, whichever it prefers.

Other variations to the game you may want to try:

  • Play for a different point total
  • Play for a period of time rather than for a point total, and whoever is winning at the end of that period of time wins
  • Play with a computer, a smart phone, or a set of resource books. If the team cannot answer the question, it receives 1 minute (or a designated amount of time) to find the answer.
  • See “Other Learning Activities Using GeoPlunge” for additional ideas about how to use your GeoPlunge cards

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