I would highly recommend [GeoPlunge] to any teacher. What a great learning and leadership tool.”

D.C. Public School System Elementary School Teacher

GeoPlunge has a catalytic effect on our students. The GeoPlunge tournament is incredible to see [and] this opportunity is huge for our students.”

The Then D.C. Public School System Chancellor

The GeoPlunge tournament is exciting, entertaining and educational…. It did wonders for the self-esteem of our students.”

D.C. Public School System Elementary School Principal

I found GeoPlunge an excellent way to get kids interested in geography while at the same time teaching them strategic thinking. The variety of games that can be played, as well as the number of learning and thinking levels that can be addressed all with one box of cards, is great.”

Fairfax, VA Elementary Public School Teacher

Through playing GeoPlunge, the students learned a lot about geography, game strategy, and more valuable lessons such as the importance of dedication and practice…. I enjoyed watching [the students] grow as individuals and being excited to learn in a fun and exciting way.”

D.C. Public School System Middle School Teacher

GeoPlunge offers a great way to help children learn about United States’ geography while simply having fun. It is a game for all ages, from first graders to senior citizens. In fact, one of the best things about GeoPlunge® is that adults often like playing it every bit as much as the kids. But in its most simple formulation, GeoPlunge® teaches children from the first grade on up communication skills, creativity, strategic thinking, and sportsmanship, while they become masters of the geographical knowledge they need to succeed in social studies and to be better citizens.”

American Geographical Society Website

Through playing GeoPlunge, “I have seen students [who otherwise] struggle with gaining new information become knowledgeable about geographical facts.”

Coach of GeoPlunge teams for a D.C. Public School

I love how this [GeoPlunge] tournament motivates students to learn through competition!”

D.C. Public School System Elementary School Teacher

The students who participated in the [GeoPlunge] tournament had a great time. They cannot wait to do it again. Their knowledge of geography has certainly improved and so has their confidence and interest in learning.”

Coach of GeoPlunge teams for a D.C. Public School

It is a joy to watch my student have fun competing against each other while at the same time learning US geography and not even realizing the learning is happening. Each student / team comes up with different strategies to complete the task at hand. The creativity is exciting to observe.”

School Librarian in Cleveland, Ohio

The GeoPlunge tournament instills in [our students] a love of geography at a critical time in their educational development. They have a chance to interact with their peers at other schools. They understand team sports in a very different way and they are rewarded for their academic success. To see these kids engage around GeoPlunge is very heartwarming.”

The Then D.C. Public School System Chancellor

The GeoPlunge tournament makes learning something new and exciting [for the children]…. This is my 3rd year coaching GeoPlunge and every student who has come to play GeoPlunge …. has asked me [the next year] if they can come back to play.”

D.C. Public School System Middle School Teacher

I have participated in many academic competitions over the past 50 years ranging from It’s Academic in High School to Jeopardy as an adult. Over the past few years, I have volunteered as a question reader in several GeoPlunge tournaments at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. I have enjoyed seeing young children excited about learning geography and history and then displaying this knowledge as part of a team atmosphere. Individuals who participate in GeoPlunge not only gain knowledge of the world we live in, they also learn how to be members of a team working together for a common goal. Success in GeoPlunge requires far more than just memorization of facts. It requires them to use critical thinking skills to evaluate and execute game playing strategies. A variety of strategic decisions must be made during all stages of a game ranging from the selection of question point values based on risk, reward, and current score to the division of labor among team members to complete tasks such as Border Up. One only has to attend and observe a GeoPlunge competition to become excited about the game.”

Steve Newman, 5-Time Jeopardy Champion

We brought GeoPlunge with us to New York over Thanksgiving–I’m not sure who enjoyed it more–my 5, 9, or 12-year old sons, their teenage cousins, my 45-year old husband, or my 71-year old father!”


My seventh grade classes were introduced to GeoPlunge last year. Teams were formed and the students eagerly immersed themselves in learning the rules and the ins and outs of the game. High school students served as mentors and the game quickly. Students began playing in their learning centers, other classes, lunch periods, and after school. Students took the game home on weekends and studied the cards in preparation for the GeoPlunge tournament. As a teacher, I was excited to see the level of interest students had in learning US Geography. There was a genuine “buzz” about geography and cooperation among students to learn everything they could about each state. Students have already asked me about this year’s tournament .

NY 7th Grade Teacher

From the Mouths of Our Players...

“GeoPlunge is so fun. I think GeoPlunge is a work of pure genius.”

“GeoPlunge is a really fun game and at the same time you are learning a lot.”

“It’s awesome. It’s also very educational.”

“It teaches me some skills I never knew in a fun way.”

“GeoPlunge is fun and educational for kids everywhere in the U.S.”

“I want to play GeoPlunge all of the time.”

“I want to do it with my children when I grow up.”

“GeoPlunge is the best game I have played; it challenges your mind.”

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